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Melissa Milkica Mitreski, reg. H.I.S. AHIP

Melissa Milkica Mitreski, reg. H.I.S. AHIP

Owner & Hearing Instrument Specialist

Melissa Mitreski, reg. H.I.S. AHIP, is a proud Hamiltonian and graduated from Glendale Secondary right here in town. Being the child of immigrants, she knows full well the importance of hard work and community, so the decision to service the hearing-impaired community in downtown Hamilton was an easy one to make. Giving back the joy of hearing to her patients is her true calling and she is willing to put in the extra work to make every single patient happy.

Melissa loves to travel with her husband and two girls and often includes her dog, a goliath doodle named Guinness, in their travels.

She earned her Hearing Instrument Practitioner degree from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton and specializes in Tinnitus Management as well as cerumen/ear wax removal.

In addition to English, she also speaks a few former Yugoslavian languages: Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian; she is starting to learn Romanian thanks to her amazing receptionist Silvana!

Silvana Vucic

Silvana Vucic


Silvana Vucic has been a valued member of the G. Gall team for 19 years and counting. Born and raised in the Glenview West area of Hamilton, Silvana spent years working as a nurse before joining our clinic in 2000. She is the first person you’ll see when you walk through our door, and she will always welcome you with a smile and warm greeting.

Silvana takes care of all the little things that make the clinic a comfortable and welcoming place for our patients. She loves the people of Hamilton and like Melissa, she believes in giving back to the hearing impaired community. She is fluent in Romanian, Serbian and Croatian so she can better assist those whose first language is not English. When not at the clinic, Silvana loves spending time with her family and 3 adorable dogs.

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